How do I complete the Cal Grant GPA Verification Form?


Read the instructions carefully before completing the Cal Grant GPA Verification Form. Please note that schools must complete the “For School Use Only” section on the second page of the form.

First, complete the “To be Filled Out by Student” section on the first page of the form (use black ink only).  Have your school complete the “For School Use Only” section.  If you’ll be attending a California Community College in the fall and miss the March 2 deadline, you have a second deadline of September 2. 

 You may email the completed Cal Grant GPA Verification form in PDF format to:

If you already have a Cal Grant or a Cal Grant Reserve award and wish to renew that award, you don’t have to complete the GPA Verification Form. Just complete the FAFSA or CA Dream Act Application and list the college you’ll be attending in the fall in Step Six. (The school you list will certify your Cal Grant renewal eligibility.) If you’re already in college and are applying for a new Cal Grant, you must submit both the FAFSA or CA Dream Act Application and your verified Cal Grant GPA to be considered for an award. The Commission does not keep forms from past years.

Some schools electronically submit a list of verified GPAs directly to the Commission. If your school does so, it may not be necessary for you to submit the paper GPA Verification Form.  However, it is the student’s responsibility to confirm that the school has submitted a GPA to the Commission by the Cal Grant application deadline.

NOTE: Students who graduated from high school a year prior and have not received a Cal Grant are responsible to submit their GPA again to CSAC prior to March 2nd for Cal Grant consideration.  These students must not rely on the GPA the high schools sent to CSAC during their senior year.

If you’re mailing any forms to CSAC, be sure to get a Certificate of Mailing from the Post Office as proof you met the March 2nd deadline.