Student Expenses and Resources Survey

The California Student Aid Commission (Commission) continues to utilize data to better understand the total cost of attendance for California’s students by conducting the Student Expenses and Resources Survey (SEARS). The Commission surveys thousands of students, from both public and private colleges, to understand how students perceive costs of higher education and resources available to them.

2021-22 SEARS

2021-22 SEARS Survey Instrument

2021-22 Student Expenses And Resources Survey (SEARS) Data Codebook

2021-22 Student Expenses and Resources Survey: Insights Brief

2021-22 SEARS

SEARS (Student Expenses and Resources Survey)

The Commission also hosted a webinar on the new findings from the Student Expenses and Resources Survey. The webinar included a presentation of the data and a panel discussion on how the findings align with efforts underway to address student basic needs and college affordability.