Grant Delivery System Modernization (GDSM) Project


Grant Delivery System Modernization (GDSM) Project

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The California Student Aid Commission (CSAC) processes more than seven million grant applications, scholarship applications, loan payback applications, and awards up to two billion dollars in funds annually. The Commission has been working on the Modernization of its legacy systems for two years in order to more efficiently process awards and support student financial aid.

The Commission is following the State of California Department of Technology (CDT) guidelines for their Project Approval Lifecycle (PAL) process. Stakeholders have been working diligently to define and develop the critical detailed functional requirements for the new system. The objectives and goals will ensure a fully integrated, modern system that is capable of interacting real time with institutions and students in order to gain the benefits expected by our California technical constituents. For more information contact us at:

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2020 Grant Delivery System Modernization Newsletters

The purpose of this GDSM Newsletter is to keep institutions, and the student support community abreast of our progress monthly through the final transition to the new system, and quarterly for improvements deployed throughout 2021.

GDSM January Newsletter 2021

GDSM Sponsor Message

Catalina Mistler, GDSM Project Executive Sponsor
Welcome to 2021! December was a busy month for the GDSM team as we prepare for the final stretch of the GDSM Project. The GDSM team planning includes coordinating around the busy season of the institutions and ensuring adequate technical support for a smooth transition. Read More…GDSM January Newsletter 

GDSM December Newsletter 2020

Wishing you safe and enjoyable celebrations as we move into the heart of the holiday season. Our staff is hard at work to make our transition to the GDSM system in 2021 as smooth as possible. Read More… GDSM December Newsletter  


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GDSM November Newsletter 2020

As the Grant Delivery System Modernization (GDSM) Project reaches the final stretch, we at the California Student Aid Commission (CSAC), want to ensure a successful transition for the user community. Read More… GDSM November Newsletter  

GDSM October Newsletter 2020

We at the California Student Aid Commission (CSAC), are pleased to provide you with a sneak peek at the new look and feel of the WebGrants for Institutions and the California Dream Act Application (CADAA) in this edition of the GDSM Newsletter. Read More… GDSM October Newsletter  

GDSM September Newsletter 2020

The GDS Modernization supports current and future growth of the Grant Program making grants more accessible to students with improved transparency, agility, maintainability, security, delivery, and adaptability to changes. Read More… GDSM September Newsletter