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The 2021-22 Race to Submit is a statewide campaign that aims to increase the number of financial aid applications for California high school seniors who complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and California Dream Act Application. Filling out these financial aid applications is the first step towards college success and helps students qualify for federal and state aid to help pay for college. These efforts were modeled after the successful 2017-18 FAFSA and CADAA Completion Initiative in Riverside.

The Race to Submit encourages all California high schools and districts to view and track their FAFSA and CADAA number. The online tool helps measure the number of submitted and completed applications. This initiative aims to motivate California high schools and districts to increase application count by supporting their students with FAFSA and CADAA submission.

During the application period, beginning October 1 and up until the March 2 Cal Grant deadline, each high school, district, and county can use the Race to Submit to gauge the submission and completion of the FAFSA and CADAA, along with how many Cal Grants have been awarded.

The Race to Submit provides progress updates of the following data by high school, school district and county on a weekly basis:

  • FAFSA/CADAA completion and submission rates
  • Number of Cal Grant applications submitted and completed
  • Number of students eligible for Cal Grants
  • Number of Cal Grant awards


The Race to Submit provides progress updates of the following data by high school, school district and county on a weekly basis:

Race to Submit Resource Guide: Race to Submit Resource Guide

Create your own reports using the following features to customize your own tables and graphs.

  • Search – Use our interactive search field with auto-completion to search for schools, school districts, and/or counties.
  • Export – Download data for all schools, school districts, and counties in CSV format.
  • Glossary – See a list of commonly used terms.
  • Comparison – Add up to 5 schools, school districts, and/or counties to view a comparison set.
  • View All – See a listing of all schools, school districts, or counties.


The Leaderboard measures the completion of the FAFSA/CA Dream Act application along with the matching of the GPA which allows the applicant to be considered for a Cal Grant.  The Race to Submit will celebrate the success of the top three schools and districts from each level with the highest number in FAFSA and CADAA and GPA completion between October 1, and March 2, Cal Grant deadline.