WebGrants Access Request


WebGrants Access Request Forms

WebGrants is CSAC’s web-based grant management platform. Through this portal institutions can manage their Cal Grant roster, upload grades and run reports. All organizations and institution types can use the form below to request WebGrants access.

WebGrants System Administrators Access Request

Counties, districts and high schools must have a valid FAFSA/Dream Act Completion Program Agreement on file with the Commission. An Authorized Official at the institution will designate an individual as the Webgrants System Administrator.

FAFSA/Dream Act Completion Program Agreement

Colleges and universities must have a valid Institution Program Agreement (IPA) on file with the Commission.  An Authorized Official at the institution will designate an individual as the WebGrants System Administrator.

SB 70 Assigned Designee for colleges and universities. Institutions may give limited access to an individual to solely upload Senate Bill 70 related data. User access will be limited to just the SB 70 data screen.  Please consult with your organization before submitting an SB 70 Assigned Designee form.

Request for SB 70 Assigned Designee Access​

For more information contact:

  • For questions and assistance in completing the form contact:
    Institutional Support (888) 294-0153
  • For WebGrants assistance with Password Resets contact:
    IT Service Desk (888) 294-0153, Option 2
  • To report potential security issues: iso@csac.ca.gov

Send completed forms: webgrantsaccess@csac.ca.gov

How does a System Administrator Complete the Form?

The System Administrator (SA) is someone who has been designated by the Authorized Official to oversee the administration, security, and confidentiality of the WebGrants system.

Download the WebGrants Access Request form.

Complete Section 1- Institution\School Information

  • Select the type of institution\school or organization.
  • Enter the name and address and provide either the OPE ID or College Board Code.  County and district users will include the College Board Codes for all public schools on page 4.
  • Initial the box that as the System Administrator you have received training on security and confidentiality as it relates to the WebGrants system and data.

Complete Section 2 – Personal Information

  • Select whether this is a new request, a renewal or a change to your account.
  • Enter your name as the System Administrator, email address, phone number and date.
  • Select at least one password reset question and provide an answer 5-20 characters long.

Complete Section 3 – Authorized Official Approval

  • Enter the name of the Authorized Official along with their email address, phone number, and the date.

Review the “Information Security and Confidentiality Agreement,” on page 3.

  • Enter your name, school code, user id, address, email address, and phone number.
  • Digitally sign the document.
  • The “SA Submit” button will appear. Select the “SA Submit” button.
  • Follow the prompts to email your form to your Authorized Official.

How does an Authorized Official Complete the Form?

As the Authorized Official (AO) you cannot have a WebGrants account or be a System Administrator.  After completing their portion of the application, the System Administrator will email you the application for review and approval.

Complete Section 3- Authorized Official Approval

  • On page 2 review and enter your name, email, phone number and date if needed.

Review the “Information Security and Confidentiality Agreement,” on page 3.

  • Digitally sign as the Authorized Official.
  • The “AO Submit” button will appear.  Select the “AO Submit” button.
  • Follow the prompts on the screen to email the completed form to webgrantsaccess@csac.ca.gov.

How does a User Only Account complete the form?

Institution employees or agents who require WebGrants access will select “User Only,” in Section 1 of the WebGrants System Administrators Access Request form. Complete the rest of the document, have the user sign the Security and Confidentiality Agreement. Retain a copy of User Agreements on site. 

Please Note: Information Security “Requirements” for WebGrants Participants

2017-21 Cal Grant IPA Article VI, Institution’s Administrative Authorization for Access & Roles and Responsibilities, H:

The Institution’s SA(s) will ensure that all Institution employees or agents who require WebGrants (GDS) access will sign a “Grant Delivery System (GDS) WebGrants User Access Request Form”, prior to being granted access to the WebGrants System. Such access will be granted for a period of time not to exceed one (1) year, and shall be renewed upon completion of annual Commission-supplied training or Institutional-supplied training in areas of information security, privacy and confidentiality. This documentation shall remain at the institution.

IPA Compliant WebGrants Information Security Principles