Middle Class Scholarship

The Middle Class Scholarship (MCS) provides undergraduate students, including students pursuing a teaching credential, with a scholarship to attend a University of California (UC), California State University (CSU), and select California Community Colleges (CCC) that offer a baccalaureate program. The intended audience for this webpage is primarily college financial aid administrators.

MCS Handbook

The MCS handbook covers the required policies, processes, and procedures to administer the MCS program.

2023-24 Middle Class Scholarship Handbook
2022-23 Middle Class Scholarship Handbook

Additional MCS Reference Documents

Financial Aid Programs Reported on the Enrollment File

2024-25 Financial Aid Programs Reported on the Enrollment File Draft
2023-24 Financial Aid Programs Reported on the Enrollment File
2022-23 Financial Aid Programs Reported on the Enrollment File

Income and Asset Ceilings

2024-25 MCS Income and Asset Ceilings
2023-24 MCS Income and Asset Ceilings

File Layouts

2024-2025 MCS Payment-Roster File Layout 5.7.24
2024-2025 MCS Enrollment File Layout 4.24.24
2023-2024 MCS Payment-Roster File Revised 3.12.24
2023-2024 MCS Enrollment File Layout Revised 3.12.2024
MCS Enrollment Output Data File Layout
MCS Student Reconciliation Output Data File Layout

Communication Highlights

Communication highlights referencing significant MCS program changes. Additional communications can be found at CSAC List Serv Bulletins

MCS 2.0

GOM 2024-10: 2023-24 Middle Class Scholarship Updates
GOM 2024-09: 2024-25 Middle Class Scholarship Updates and New Webpage
GOM 2023-25: 2023-24 Middle Class Scholarship Awards - UPDATE
GOM 2023-10: 2023-24 Middle Class Scholarship Enrollment File Layout
GOM 2022-40: Middle Class Scholarship Policies and Guidelines
GSA 2022-18: Middle Class Scholarship Update

MCS Training Information

MCS videos, specific to college staff, feature pre-recorded content, presented online with voice narration, and are hosted on YouTube for you to watch at your own pace. Visit Training Videos for College Staff

The California Student Aid Commission (CSAC) provides virtual and in-person Cal Grant Regional Trainings including Middle Class Scholarship. These free training courses aim to assist financial aid administrators who need updated Cal Grant and Middle Class Scholarship information and help with navigating WebGrants, including reports and tools. Visit CSAC Regional Trainings

Overview for Students

Information about MCS for students can be found on the Overview for Students webpage.

For more information, please contact:
California Student Aid Commission 
Middle Class Scholarship Program

For MCS Financial Aid Administrators: 
(888) 294-0153

For Students and Parents: