Financial Aid Programs


Cal Grant Programs

The Cal Grant is a California-specific financial aid allocation that does not need to be paid back. Cal Grant applicants must apply for the FAFSA or CADAA by the deadline and meet all eligibility, financial, and minimum GPA requirements of either program. Grants are for students attending University of California, California State University or California Community College, or qualifying independent and career colleges or technical schools in California.


Middle Class Scholarship (MCS)

For Undergraduates and Students Pursuing a Teaching Credential

The Middle Class Scholarship is for undergraduates and students pursuing a teaching credential with family assets up to $191,000 and income up to $191,000.

Ten things you need to know 

1. The Middle Class Scholarship (MCS) provides undergraduate students, including students pursuing a teaching credential, with family income up to $191,000 and assets up to $191,000 a scholarship to attend University of California (UC) or California State University (CSU) campuses.


John R. Justice (JRJ) Program

The California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES) is currently not accepting any new applications for this program. Due to the large amount of applicants who applied during the original year of funding/implementation (many of which are still pending admittance into the program), and the significant funding reduction to this program over the years, Cal OES is unable to open the JRJ program for any new applicants.

All inquiries regarding the JRJ program can be sent to:


Golden State Teacher Grant Program
For Students Considering a Teaching Credential and Career in California

The California Student Aid Commission is now accepting Golden State Teacher Grant applications for the 2021-22 award year.

The Golden State Teacher Grant program (GSTG) is for students who are currently enrolled in a teacher preparation program to earn a credential in a high need field and commit to teach at a priority school, in California for four years, within five years after completing a teacher preparation program.


California Dream Act Service Incentive Grant Program
Overview for Students

The California Dream Act Service Incentive Grant Program (DSIG) encourages California Dream Act Application (CADAA) students with a Cal Grant B award to perform community or volunteer service.  The California Student Aid Commission (CSAC) will award up to $3,000 per academic year (up to $1,500 per semester or up to $1,000 per quarter) to 2,500 eligible students.