Cal Grant GPA Verification Form


A GPA is required to be considered for a new Cal Grant award. 

Most public California high schools, community colleges, and universities submit a Cal Grant GPA to us electronically. Confirm that your school has submitted your GPA to us. 

In addition to your GPA, you must complete a:

Forms must be emailed or postmarked by the date below to be considered on time. 


March 2ndIf you were not able to submit your GPA on time for this deadline, you can still submit a GPA using the GPA Verification Form and explaining the reason why in the Late Submission Appeals section no later than May 16th 2023. For Cal Grant C and Competitive Students, Late Submission Appeals must be submitted by March 22nd 2023.

  • Recent High School Graduate 
  • Community College Transfer Student 
  • Cal Grant C 
  • Competitive Student 

September 2nd 

  • Community College Student 
  • Foster Youth (Community College) 

Renewal Cal Grant Student – no GPA submission required

For additional information on the above Cal Grant programs, visit How to Apply

Not sure if your GPA was submitted? Check your 2023-24 Cal Grant tab in WebGrants 4 Students.  

GPA Verification Form should only be used by students whose school has not submitted a GPA on their behalf. 

Cal Grant GPA Calculations Instructions