Cal Grant Competitive Awards
For students who are not eligible for the Cal Grant Entitlement awards


Who is considered for a Competitive Award

  • Students who are not awarded a Cal Grant Entitlement award.
  • Students who meet the general Cal Grant eligibility requirements.
  • Students who complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Deadline to Apply: (12,875 Awards offered each deadline)

  • CA Community College, CSU, UC or eligible Private College Students March 2nd
  • CA Community College Students Only September 2nd

How to Apply

  • Complete a FAFSA by the stated deadline.
  • Submit a verified GPA to the California Student Aid Commission by the stated deadline.

This is a competitive award and limited to 25,750 awards each academic year. Students who are awarded a competitive award must claim their awards electronically using WebGrants for Students. Students are selected for this award based on information from their FAFSA and their GPA. These awards are not currently available to Dream Applicants.

Students are scored based on information provided on their FAFSA and their GPA. Scoring components include: GPA, parent education level, access equalizer, student or parent household status, family income and household size.

12,875 competitive awards are offered to students who meet the March 2 filing deadline. 12,875 competitive awards are offered to students who are enrolled at a California Community College for the fall term and have a GPA reported by the September 2 filing deadline.

California Community College Students with 12 units or more may qualify for an augmented Cal Grant B Access award. Amount will vary depending upon number of qualifying students. Check with your CCC campus to see if you qualify for the increased Access Award.

Cal Grant A

  • For low to middle income students
  • 3.00 GPA minimum
  • May be used for an academic program that is 2-4 years in length
  • Can only be used for tuition and fees at a tuition/fee charging college
  • If awarded while attending a California Community College, it will be held in reserve up to two years until student transfers to a 4- year college

Cal Grant B

  • For low income students
  • 2.00 GPA minimum
  • May be used for an academic program that is at least 1 year in length
  • Offers an award amount to assist with tuition and fees, also includes an additional annual Access Award amount (living expenses)
  • Sophomore through Senior years the student will receive tuition and fees plus Access Award at tuition charging college