Cal Grant GPA Information


Filing for the September 2, 2019*, Cal Grant Award Deadline

The September deadline is for students attending California Community Colleges only.

To be considered for a 2019-20 September Competitive Cal Grant award, you must have completed the following application requirements by September 2, 2019*:

  1. Submitted a 2019-20 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). 
  2. Ensured that a certified Grade Point Average (GPA) was submitted to the California Student Aid Commission (Commission). 
  3. Enroll in a California Community College.

The September 2, 2019, deadline is for community college students. Cal Grant GPAs are accepted only if certified by a school electronically or submitted on the paper GPA Verification form. No transcripts are accepted.

*Due to September 2, 2019 falling on a holiday, the Commission will accept GPA verification forms postmarked no later than Tuesday, September 3, 2019.

WebGrants for Students

Are you wondering if your Cal Grant GPA has been received by the Commission? After you have filed a FAFSA or CADAA, you can go on-line and check the status of your Cal Grant application by logging on to WebGrants for Students and creating an account. This secure site provides you with resources, information and tools to assist you with the college financial aid process. It will also let you view the status of your Cal Grant or Chafee Grant application, update your address, submit corrections, view your payment history, update your college of attendance, or satisfy outstanding requirements.