How do I submit a Social Security number, name, and/or date of birth change?


If you applied for a Cal Grant last year and did not receive the award or you withdrew from the award competition and you changed your name, you will need to take some steps to avoid any confusion with your records since the Commission already has your information in its database.

If you submit your FAFSA this year under a different name, your file will be flagged for corrections and you will not be put into the Cal Grant competition.  If you completed the FAFSA, the best thing to do is submit a change of name to the Commission using the G-10 Grant Record Change Form and then submit your FAFSA after the name change has been complete.  You may also use the G-10 form to submit date of birth or Social Security number correction.

If you submitted your CA Dream Act Application under a different name, forgot to add a second last name, or used an incorrect date of birth, you will need to complete the G-19 CA Dream Act Application Name Change form.

Both forms require that students include a copy of an identification that shows the correct spelling of their name.  Students can email a PDF document of the form and identifications to