Cal Grant C Award
Free Money For students who are pursuing an Occupational or Technical Program


The Cal Grant C program provides FREE MONEY to students pursuing an occupational or technical program. Students must apply for FAFSA or CA Dream Act Application to apply. No GPA requirement.

Are you interested in pursuing an occupational or technical program that could bring you closer to your dream job? The California Student Aid Commission provides State financial aid for those who meet certain income, asset, and other financial aid standards to attend college. The Cal Grant C program provides FREE MONEY to students pursuing an occupational or technical program.

How to apply

  • Complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or the CA Dream Act Application by the September 2nd deadline.
  • If the Commission determines you eligible for a Cal Grant C, complete the online Cal Grant C Supplement Form through your WebGrants for Students account by the requested deadline.
  • Use up to $2,462 for tuition and fees and $547 for books, tools, and equipment at any Cal Grant eligible private for profit or private nonprofit institution.
  • Use up to $1,094 at any California Community College.

Cal Grant C

  • For low to middle income students
  • No GPA requirement
  • For Occupational or Technical training programs of least 4 months in length
  • Offers an award amount to assist with tuition and fees, also includes an additional annual book and supplies amount

So what’s stopping you? Take a look at the priority list of occupational and technical trainings to see if the field that you’re interested in can earn extra points for your application! 

Cal Grant C Priority Occupational List- Students pursuing an occupation from this list receive priority points in the selection criteria for Cal Grant C awards

Cal Grant C Occupational List - Occupations on this list meet the Cal Grant C program criteria per Senate Bill 1028