September 3 Deadline Social Media Toolkit


September 3 is the deadline for California Community College students to apply for a Cal Grant through the FAFSA or California Dream Act Application (CADAA). Help share this information with your community by downloading our graphics and captions below!

Graphics & Captions

1) Right click on the image and Click “Save image as…” (if on mobile, press and hold to save)
2) Upload the image to your Social Media platform and copy/paste the caption in the post.

Key Dates
Sept 3 Cal Grant Deadline for Community College Students

New September 3 Deadline Promotional Material

allInsept2_1_social allInsept2_1_flyer

Caption: Apply Now, Decide Later! Want to see how much free aid you could receive before committing to a degree or career certificate? Fill out a free financial aid application (CA Dream Act Application or FAFSA) by the September 3 deadline!

Take the first steps here:


allInsept2_2_social allInsept2_2_flier

Caption: Can’t Afford College Life? California is awarding over 3 billion dollars in financial aid to eligible students who apply this year. Fill out a free financial aid application (CA Dream Act Application or FAFSA) to find out if you’re eligible! Visit the California Student Aid Commission:


csac_fb_post_1 csac_ig_post_1

Caption: CSAC stands for: The California Student Aid Commission. We’re here to help YOU get the money you need to continue your education.

Take the first steps here:


csac_fb_post_2 csac_ig_post_2

Caption: Has it been a few years since you’ve been out of high school? Maybe even a few decades? No worries! The California Student Aid Commission is here to help you.

Visit see what we can do for you!


csac_fb_post_3 csac_ig_post_3

Caption: Are you attending a community college this fall? Did you know that you could qualify for financial aid? 
We’re here to help you afford an education, whatever path is right for you.

Apply via the #FAFSA or #CADreamAct Application (CADAA) by September 3 to see if you can qualify for a Cal Grant to pay for school.

Get started at


csac_fb_post_8 csac_ig_post_8

Caption: Parents, confused about financial aid for your child’s education? The California Student Aid Commission is here to help YOU.

Visit us at


csac_fb_post_11 csac_ig_post_11

Caption: You don’t need to go into debt to get an education.

Let the California Student Aid Commission help you!

It all starts here:


fb_ad_2_2 ig-ad_2_2

Caption: California is offering grants to eligible college students! Students can apply via the #FAFSA or #CADreamAct Application to get grant money to pay for school. Grants are money for an education that families don’t have to pay back. Work with your student to complete the FAFSA or CA Dream Act Application by April 2, 2024. Find out if you qualify, apply today:


fb-ad_3 ig-ad_3

Caption: You don’t have to fully rely on your family for financial assistance to go to college. California offers thousands of dollars in grants for eligible students. Sign up for one of our FREE #CashForCollege webinars to receive assistance in applying. Register today at:


fb-ad_14 ig-ad_14

Caption: Calling all foster youth! Need money for college? Apply to see if you can get #FinancialPaid through the Chafee Grant For Foster Youth. If you qualify you can use funds to pay for childcare, transportation, or rent while attending school. Find out if you qualify, apply today: