How do I renew my Cal Grant?


Cal Grant recipients are eligible for a maximum of four years of Cal Grant eligibility.  Recipients are eligible for renewal for the following academic year if they meet the following conditions:

  • All previous terms must be satisfied with a school payment or another eligible transaction code posted on WebGrants, such as a Leave of Absence. Students who do not have qualifying academic year transactions posted, will be withdrawn from the Cal Grant program during the year-end reconciliation process.
  • Have completed and submitted a FAFSA or California Dream Act Application by the Cal Grant deadline.
  • You have enough Cal Grant program eligibility.  

Renewal applicants must continue to meet financial eligibility criteria. Please refer to Income and Asset Ceiling information for applicable academic year on the Commission’s website.

Students who were eligible for both Cal Grant A and B in the initial award year, but failed to meet the lower income and asset ceiling of Cal Grant B in the renewal year, may be eligible to renew with a Cal Grant A.

Cal Grant recipients who were ineligible for a renewal award during the prior year because they exceeded income and asset ceilings or did not demonstrate financial need, may be eligible to receive a renewal award if:

  • The recipient meets all eligibility requirements for the renewal academic year and;
  • The recipient has remaining program award eligibility
  • The recipient’s Cal Grant eligibility will be reduced by 100%

Students will be notified of their renewal eligibility or disqualification sometime in May or June. Students may view their Cal Grant status in their WebGrants 4 Students account.  Renewal award amounts are determined by both school segment and the year in which the student entered the program.