Gael Lagunas

Picture of Gael Lagunas Cal Grant recipient and college graduate

Receiving a Cal Grant has been a tremendous help throughout my college career. It has primarily helped me pay for essential student needs and finances such as books and tuition. This is very helpful for a student because without paying tuition you can’t go to school; it is as simple as that. However, of all my expenses, I would say that I am grateful that the Cal Grant was able to pay for part of my dream to study abroad in Israel. This unforgettable experience was one that has contributed greatly to my college experience, and put me on the path of learning my fourth and fifth languages. I hope to continue learning these languages and pursue my passion of becoming a social worker for immigrants and refugees that were victims of human trafficking, and/or violence. I am also interested in becoming a professor someday, but there is still much to learn. So, before I pursue a Master’s degree, I am going to explore the numerous options that have now opened for me because I will be graduating from Sacramento State this Spring with my Bachelor’s degree in Sociology. As a first-generation college student, I cannot begin to explain how important being able to afford college was to me. The Cal Grant has allowed me to pursue my education without worry of not being able to afford certain opportunities. It has helped me to continue my learning experience as a person and a professional and I am grateful for that.

-Gael Lagunas