Staff Services Manager I
Program Administration and Services Division


Classification:Staff Services Manager I (Specialist)
Title: Media Relations Manager
Permanent, Full-Time
Salary: $5,917.00-$7,351.00
Posted: October 10, 2018

Job Bulletin: Staff Services Manager I Specialist

Highlights of the Job

The incumbent will independently perform complex technical staff services assignments involved in
planning and implementing the Commission’s Media Relations Program and in special projects, such
as financial aid reform, expanding partnerships with public and non-profit organizations, and
implementing the change management process related to the Grant Delivery System Modernization
Project. Responsibilities for the Commission’s Media Relations Program include evaluating the public
awareness of the Commission as a financial aid policy leader and of the Commission’s programs,
developing a media relations and communication strategy for the Commission, developing messaging
and all media communications materials and methodologies, acting as the primary media contact,
acting as the Commission’s spokesperson, and overseeing the agency’s social media and website
content and updates.