Personnel Specialist
Human Resources


Classification: Personnel Specialist
Title: Personnel Specialist
Permanent, Full-Time
Salary: Range A – $3,616.00 – $3,775.00, B – $3,468.00-$4,346.00, C – $3,591.00 -$4,496.00,
Posted: October 15, 2018

Job Bulletin: Personnel Specialist

Highlights of the Job

• Research and respond to a variety of personnel situations and issues utilizing reference and resource material both internally and externally. Explain and reference State and departmental laws, rules and regulations in performing duties as needed.
• Process all types of personnel and payroll transactions, by documenting, reviewing for accuracy, and keying into the applicable control agency database. Process and key monthly attendance (HR 634) for all employees.
• Perform salary determinations for appointments, promotions, lump sum separation pay and documenting paperwork.
• Process and assist with employee benefits for health, dental, vision and all other various mandatory/voluntary deductions and benefits.
• Respond to all Commission employees by assisting with questions, inquiries, assist with completing forms, and possible options for pay and benefits, or any other personnel related matter; via excellent and prompt customer service.