Office Technician (Typing)
Fiscal Administrative and Services Division


Classification: Office Technician (Typing)
Title: Office Technician (Typing)
Permanent, Intermittent
Salary: $3,038.00 – $3,802.00 base bay ($17.53 – $21.93 hourly)
Posted: December 03, 2018

Job Bulletin: Office Technician (Typing)

Highlights of the Job

· Independently provide administrative support clerical and technical duties for the Fiscal and Administrative Services Division.
· Prepare, edit, review, and format correspondence for Division managerial staff, including, memos, letters, spreadsheets, reports, charts, and forms.
· Follow processes and procedures as it relates to the correspondence generated for the Division, and provide guidance for the CA Student Aid Commission and the Administrative Division for the applicable processes.