Information Technology Supervisor II
Information Technology Services Division


Classification: Information Technology Supervisor II
Title: IT Service Management Section Supervisor
Permanent, Full-Time
Salary: $6,683.00-$8,955.00
Posted: October 23, 2018

Job Bulletin: Information Technology Supervisor II Section Supervisor

Highlights of the Job

Recruit, hire, train, organize, direct and coordinate a team of highly motivated IT Specialists

  • Mentor, coach, guide and lead team members
  • Manage all aspects of the CSAC Change Management Program
  • Manage all aspects of the CSAC Release Management Program
  • Manage IT requirements lifecycle support
  • Support Enterprise Project Management Office
  • Provide IT project management services to the Enterprise
  • Provide IT support to the Enterprise Risk Management Program
  • Communicate, facilitate meetings and interact with diverse technical and non-technical groups,

spanning all organizational levels
 Active member of the Grant Delivery Modernization Project