Information Security Officer
Information Technology Services Division


Classification: Information Technology Specialist I
Title: Information Security Officer
Permanent, Full-Time
Salary: Range A-$5,118.00 – $6,859.00 Range B-$5,628.00 – $7,543.00 Range C-$6,179.00 – $8,280.00
Posted: November 15, 2018

Job Bulletin: Information Security Officer

Highlights of the Job

Under the general supervision of the Information Technology Services Division, (ITSD), Chief Information Officer, the incumbent works in the Commission’s Information Security Office and performs all expert specialist functions as an Information Security Officer (ISO). In this capacity, the incumbent works as ISO to develop and implement all aspects of information security, physical security, privacy plans, policies, processes, procedures and standards; including electronic copy, hard copy, and any other media maintained and owned by the Commission. The Information Security Officer, is responsible for the information security of all of the Commission’s Technical Architecture and for the Technology Disaster Recovery planning for all CSAC systems.