Caroline Alvarez
Student Representative

Caroline Alvarez Student Representative

Caroline Alvarez is a third-year student attending California State University Fresno. This is Caroline’s first year as a commission member for the California Student Aid Commission (Commission) and was appointed in November of 2021.

As of last year, Caroline took a jump out of her comfort zone and joined the student government at her university. In June 2021, she was elected to serve as Vice President of External Affairs for Fresno State. In her role she has communicated constantly with other institutions of the California State University (CSU) system. She’s learned about many different issues CSU students face as a whole and has also been made aware of issues respective to her own campus. Due to this, she has found a new love for advocacy and now has a goal of helping students not just in the CSU system but in all of California.

As a student representative on the Commission, she hopes to provide student insight on different matters. It is imperative that lawmakers, along with the Commission, hear from students who experience these issues firsthand. One major goal Caroline has is to push for universal Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) policies for both high school and college students. She also hopes to provide insight on how to expand the knowledge of the Commission’s resources to more vulnerable populations.