Career Executive Assignment (C.E.A) – Level B
Information Technology Services Division (ITSD)


Classification: Career Executive Assignment (C.E.A) – Level B
Title: Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Tenure and Time Base: Non-Tenured/Full-Time
Salary: $11,102.00 -$13,226.00
Posted: August 16, 2022
Final Filing Date: Until Filled

Job Bulletin:Career Executive Assignment (C.E.A) – Level B

Highlights of the Job

Under the general direction of the Chief Deputy Director, the Director of Data Analysis and Research, is a member of the Executive Team and the principal advisor to the Executive Director of the California Student Aid Commission (CSAC) on research of program effectiveness, financial aid, and financial aid administration.

The Director oversees and directs the research and data governance functions of CSAC and directs and manages the Division of Data, Analysis, and Research. The Director is responsible for conducting research on program effectiveness and financial aid and financial aid administration, as required by law for purposes of improving the effectiveness and efficiency of CSAC programs.