Career Executive Assignment (C.E.A) – Level B
Information Technology Services Division (ITSD)


Classification: Career Executive Assignment (C.E.A) – Level B
Title: Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Tenure and Time Base: Non-Tenured/Full-Time
Salary: $11,102.00 -$13,226.00
Posted: August 16, 2022
Final Filing Date: Until Filled

Job Bulletin:Career Executive Assignment (C.E.A) – Level B

Job Description and Duties 

  • Provides vision, leadership, and technical direction for the development of the Commission and Statewide Information Technology (IT) applications.
  • In collaboration with other CSAC directors, identifies and prioritizes technology initiatives in support of the mission and programs of the Commission.
  • Plans, organizes, directs, and manages all activities and commitments for the CSAC’s IT programs.
  • Provides a high degree of expertise in developing and implementing major new programs and related policies for the State by providing technical guidance to legislative staff, Commission members, Governor’s Office staff, advisory committees, higher education segments, and Executive Staff of the Commission.
  • Ensures the Commission’s technology systems adequately and appropriately support current and future business needs by continually developing and maintaining its information technology systems for customers and stakeholders.
  • Directs and manages the managers and staff of approximately six IT teams including System Requirements & Testing, Application Services, Service Management & Support Services, the Enterprise Services/Configuration Management section, and the
  • Information Security Office as well as the GDSM coordination of contracted staff. Directs and manages the underlying administrative business needs for the IT Division and adheres to all applicable State laws, rules, regulations and requirements for the Commission and the State. o Directly manages and is responsible for carrying out all phases of the GDSM to its completion.
  • Represents the Commission before public hearings and meetings with other state or federal agencies or public groups regarding program policies, programs, and activities. Acts as key advisor to the Executive Officer and Chief Deputy Director on policy decisions effecting CSAC’s IT projects and systems.