APLE for Credentialed Teachers (K-12)


The 2017-18 Budget Act does not authorize any new APLE allocations (applications) for this year. This change also impacts the District Interns Program and the Credentialed Teachers Program.

The California Student Aid Commission (Commission) will continue to process paperwork and payments for existing APLE participants (2011-12 academic year and prior), including participants in the APLE District Interns Program and APLE Credentialed Teachers Program.

The APLE programs for students, district interns and credentialed teachers remain in state statute; therefore, the Commission will continue to maintain this informational Website for the use of existing loan assumption program participants.

Assumption Program of Loans for Education (APLE)

This program is for participants who did not apply to the APLE program as an undergraduate student and who already had a credential PRIOR to applying for the APLE for Credentialed Teachers program. It is for participants who, at the time they applied for the program, were employed as credentialed teachers at a K-12 California public school ranked in the lowest 20 percentile on the Academic Performance Index (API). Participants were nominated by their County Office of Education, and agreed to continue teaching at a K-12 California public school that is ranked in the lowest 20 percentile on the API.

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