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WebGrants is the California Student Aid Commission’s (Commission) Internet-based access for Cal Grant grade point average (GPA) submission for high schools. New laws in California require electronic GPA upload to the Commission for all of your graduating seniors. We also encourage the GPA submission of your prior year graduates to be considered for a second chance at receiving a Cal Grant. WebGrants provides a high school with the ability to upload Cal Grant GPA data, access reports and use online services. It specifically allows high schools to:

  • Upload student GPA data files for consideration in the Cal Grant A, B, and C Programs
  • Submit search, and edit GPA data
  • Access and download Commission policy memos and alerts
  • Print your Cal Grant Awardees and other reports anytime
  • Verify student high school graduation dates

There are many advantages and benefits for submitting high school GPAs online via WebGrants. This Web-based technology allows users 24-hour access to GPA information. WebGrants eliminates the need for desktop software, allowing instant uploads of GPA files in real time. With the ability to search, retrieve and edit records from the GPA table, users will find WebGrants to be a very helpful tool in submitting GPAs. Through the online GPA function, GPAs are certified electronically, thus eliminating the need to fax or mail a GPA Verification Form. All of this will make it easier for your students to meet the March 2nd Cal Grant deadline.

Security concerns are very important to the Commission. The Commission has taken many precautions to assure that all transmissions are secure and the data is protected from unauthorized access. The WebGrants System’s design provides security features such as confidential individual user password access and secure firewalls to protect data and restrict unauthorized access. In addition, encrypted transmission of GPA data files and system generated audit trails monitor navigation and data transmission.

Please submit your WebGrants Access and FAFSA Completion form as soon as possible to: via email to or via fax to 916-464-6430.

County System Administrator's Access Request Form
District System Administrator's Access Request Form
High School System Administrator's Access Request Form
Individual High School User Access Request Form

FAFSA/Dream Act Completion Program Agreement