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Student Identity Theft
What is it and how can you avoid it?

Identity theft is becoming increasingly common and can result in significant damage to your personal and financial credibility and reputation. This includes damage to financial credit history, difficulty in obtaining student educational or other loans, and poor credit that could impact future job opportunities. Once identity theft has occurred, the victim can spend an extensive amount of time correcting information problems with credit reporting agencies, creditors, banks and credit unions and other impacted agencies.


Is it a free scholarship? Or a scam?

A scholarship or grant is free money – you should never have to pay for one. Watch out for companies that make generous scholarship promises, charge you money to apply for or receive a scholarship, try to get you to send money by claiming you’re a finalist in a scholarship contest, or request your credit card or bank account number to hold a scholarship or grant for you. Also be wary of free seminars that turn into high-pressure sales pitches for financial aid information that’s readily available for free. Reputable companies neither guarantee scholarships nor use agressive tactics.