Student Resources


Important dates and deadlines

March 2, is the priority financial aid filing deadline for most colleges and universities and the absolute deadline for submission of your Cal Grant application and GPA (CA Dream Act Application and GPA)

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How to apply for a Cal Grant

Whether you’re planning to go to college or pursue a career education, there’s money to help you pay for it. Here you’ll learn about the major programs, how to apply and more.

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Websites to help you

On the Web, Sites to Help You!
Here are links to Web sites if you’re looking for more information on planning
and paying for college and careers.

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More ways to pay for college fact sheet

Planning to go to college or a career technical school? There’s money to help you pay for it! Just because you may not qualify for one type of financial aid doesn’t mean you won’t qualify for other types.

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FAFSA Toolkit 2018-19

Applications are Earlier, Easier, Faster. Students should apply For financial aid earlier and The earlier students apply for financial aid the earlier You’ll be able to submit Your FAFSA. Learn What data applicants need to provide on the FAFSA.

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