Accounting Administrator I (Supervisor)
Fiscal and Administrative Services Division


Classification: Accounting Administrator I (Supervisor)
Title: Accounting Manager
Permanent, Full-Time
Salary: $5,689.00 – $7,068.00
Posted: April 5, 2017

Job Bulletin: Accounting Administrator I (Sup)

Highlights of the Job

Under the general direction of the Staff Services Manager II (Supervisor), Fiscal and Administrative Services Division, the Accounting Administrator I (Supervisor) will oversee all accounting functions of the Student Aid Commission and plan, direct, and oversee the work of 8 subordinate accounting staff. The Accounting Administrator I is required to plan, organize and direct both short and long-term projects and carry out responsibilities with a high degree of independence as well as work in team settings, while exercising sound judgment and discretion. This position serves as the Commission’s expert on a broad range of accounting issues and Commission-wide accounting matters affecting the Commission. The Accounting Administrator I performs the most difficult and complex accounting duties and is responsible for all accounting functions within FI$Cal. Serves as the liaison for FI$Cal activities related to the Accounting Unit. The Accounting Administrator I will assist staff with resolving critical incidents within the Accounting Unit and the FI$Cal system to mitigate risks.