How do I complete the FAFSA if I or my parents are in a registered domestic partnership?

When determining eligibility for state financial aid, California recognizes domestic partnerships. If your parents are in a registered domestic partnership, you’ll be considered the same as a student with married parents, including financial and residency requirements. Likewise, if you’re in a registered domestic partnership, you’ll be considered the same as a married student.

Registered domestic partners are couples who have filed a Declaration of Domestic Partnership with the California Secretary of State’s office and received a Certificate of Registration of Domestic Partnership.

If you’re a dependent student whose parents are in a domestic partnership, you should include information on your FAFSA only for the parent who provided more than half of your support. If you’re an independent student in a domestic partnership, provide only your information. After receiving your California Aid Report, you’ll need to complete the G-37: Cal Grant Registered Domestic Partner Reporting Form (is currently unavailable, please check back again) so that the California Student Aid Commission can further evaluate your eligibility for California state aid.

Assembly Bill 205, known as the California Domestic Partner Rights and Responsibilities Act of 2003, extended new rights, benefits and obligations to individuals in registered domestic partnerships. You should also notify the school you plan to attend to evaluate your eligibility for institutional aid. Eligibility for federal aid doesn’t consider domestic partnerships.