What does “low score” mean?

If you received this letter, it’s because your total "score" was below the minimum required. Competitive Cal Grant applicants are evaluated on the following criteria: GPA, family income and size of household, parents' and applicant’s education background, time out of high school, high school performance standards, and other factors, such as whether the applicant comes from a single-parent household or is a former foster youth. Points are assigned uniformly to all applicants in each area. Based on the information you provided on your FAFSA, the sum of your points was lower than the cut-off score for the entire applicant pool.

A limited number of Cal Grant A and B Competitive awards are available and so not everyone who applies will receive one. Half of the awards are set aside for qualified students who apply by the March 2 deadline and half are for qualified students who will be attending a California Community College and apply by the September 2 deadline.