Grant Advisory Committee (GAC)

Created in 1986, the GAC provides guidance on all of the Commission's programs, excluding loan program issues.


The GAC advises the Commission on program funding and policy issues related to the provision of state administered grants and specialized programs for California students.


The GAC was established to review and provide recommendations to the Commission on major proposed or planned grant program or policy changes, particularly those relating to the administration of the Cal Grant programs. In addition, the Committee typically reviews and comments on reports to the Legislature. In recent years, the Committee has served the major function of assisting the Commission with Cal Grant eligibility changes designed to mitigate the impact of a growing eligible student population.


The GAC consists of 20 members:

  1. Ten school representatives--Two from each of the five postsecondary segments including the: University of California, California State University, California Community Colleges, private nonprofit postsecondary education institutions, and private for-profit postsecondary education institutions.
  2. Five student representatives--One from each of the segments listed above.
  3. One representative from the California Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (CASFAA).
  4. One representative from the California Postsecondary Education Commission (CPEC).
  5. Three K-12 school representatives, one of whom must be a high school counselor.


  • Enrique Murillo, Commission Liaison

  • Susan Gutierrez, Chair — California State University Campus Representative
  • Mary Lindsey, Vice Chair — Proprietary Institution Representative
  • Kate Jeffery — University of California System Representative
  • Christopher Shultz — University of California Campus Representative
  • Andrew Grant — University of California Student Representative
  • Dean Kulju — California State University System Representative
  • Vacant — California State University Student Representative
  • Timothy Bonnel — California Community Colleges System Representative
  • Cindy Castillo — California Community Colleges Campus Representative
  • Vacant — California Community Colleges Student Representative
  • Lisa Douglass — Independent California Colleges and Universities System Representative
  • Catherine Graham — Independent California Colleges and Universities Campus Representative
  • Barbara Bonardi — Independent California Colleges and Universities Student Representative
  • Frederick Holland — Proprietary Institution Representative
  • Judi Sveen — Proprietary Institution Student Representative
  • Sally Pace — K-12 Schools Representative
  • David Kopperud — K-12 Schools Representative
  • Sharon Bowles — High School Counselor Representative
  • Vacant — California Postsecondary Education Commission Representative
  • Coleetta McElroy — California Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (CASFAA) Executive Council Representative

GAC publications available for download see below.