Webinar Trainings

        The Commission is currently updating its online full-length webinar library. In the meantime, you
        can register for a live session or access our Mini Trainings by selecting the yellow button to the
        right of this page. Each module is approximately ten minutes in length and cover a variety of specific
        topics surrounding Cal Grant, Middle Class Scholarship, California Dream Act, WebGrants and more.

Cal Grant

CEC 69432.9 and the New GPA Upload Requirements
   Presentation PDF
Cal Grant 101
   Presentation PDF
Cal Grant Payment Process
   Presentation PDF
WebGrants Reports and Tools
   Presentation PDF
Using the WebGrants System
   Presentation PDF
Customizing Your Roster
   Presentation PDF
*Cal Grant Reconciliation — Being updated please check back soon.
   Presentation PDF

Specialized Programs

Child Development Grant Program PDF
California Chafee Grant Program
   California Chafee Grant Program PDF

Cal Grant GPA Submission

GPA Submission - SSN
   Presentation PDF
GPA Submission - NON-SSN
   Presentation PDF
GPA Reports and Matching
   Presentation PDF

Reporting and Audits

What to Expect From a Cal Grant Review
   Presentation PDF
Common Audit Findings
   Presentation PDF
Senate Bill 70
   Presentation PDF

California Dream Act

CA Dream Act Overview: High School Counselors
   Presentation PDF
CA Dream Act Overview for Financial Aid Administrators
   Presentation PDF

CCCSFAAA 2016 Training Sessions

CSAC Updates PDF

Middle Class Scholarship

Middle Class Scholarship 101
   Presentation PDF
MCS: File Submission Process
   Presentation PDF

CASFAA 2015 Training Sessions

WebGrants Training PDF
Cal Grant Program Compliance PDF
Cal Grant Program Updates PDF
California Dream Act PDF
Handout PDF