State Nursing Assumption Program of Loans for Education for Nursing Faculty (SNAPLE NF)

SNAPLE NF, described in California Education Code Sections 70100 to 70110, is intended to encourage students to complete their graduate or higher degree educations and serve as nursing faculty in a registered nursing program at an accredited California college or university.

The SNAPLE NF was established by Chapter 73, Statutes of 2005 (SB 63). The program was amended under Chapter 837, Statutes of 2006 (SB 1309), to allow undergraduate students to participate in the program and to allow loan assumption payments to participants who have taught part-time for an equivalent of three academic years. The Commission was authorized to issue 100 Loan Assumption Agreements in 2006-07 and for subsequent academic years as well.

The 2012-13 California Budget Act did not authorize any new SNAPLE NF allocations and the Commission did not accept or process applications received in that year. The Commission will and does continue to process those SNAPLE NF participants who applied in and as well as prior to the 2011-12 academic year.

2016-2017 (SNAPLE NF) Forms