Cal Grant B *

For Undergraduates

Cal Grant B

Cal Grant B provides a living allowance and tuition and fee assistance for low-income students. Awards for most first-year students are limited to an allowance for books and living expenses. When renewed or awarded beyond the freshman year, the award also helps pay for tuition and fees. The awards for tuition and fees are the same as those for Cal Grant A. For Cal Grant B, your coursework must be for at least one academic year.

There are two types of Cal Grant B awards: Entitlement and Competitive. There is also a Cal Grant B award for students transferring from a California Community College to a four-year college.

Cal Grant B Entitlement Award
  • Students who meet all the Cal Grant eligibility requirements, and have at least a 2.0 high school GPA and apply by March 2 of the year they graduate from high school or the following year are guaranteed a Cal Grant B. Students awarded an Entitlement Cal Grant B must confirm their high school graduation at before funds can be disbursed.
  • The Cal Grant B Entitlement award provides up to $1,648 for books and living expenses for students in their first year of college.
  • For the second and subsequent years, the award also provides for tuition and fees at the California State University and the University of California, as well as tuition support at participating independent colleges and universities and career colleges.
Cal Grant A and B Competitive Awards
  • Students who are not eligible for a Cal Grant A or B Entitlement award may compete for a Cal Grant A or B Competitive award.
  • Cal Grant Competitive awards are the same as a Cal Grant Entitlement awards, except that they are not guaranteed.
  • Each year, 22,500 Cal Grant Competitive awards are available. Of these, 11,250 are for students who do not qualify for a Cal Grant Entitlement award, but who otherwise meet the Cal Grant requirements and apply by March 2.
  • The remaining 11,250 awards are set aside for eligible California Community College students who meet the September 2 deadline.
California Community College Transfer Entitlement Cal Grant
  • California Community College students who meet all the Cal Grant eligibility requirements, have at least a 2.4 community college GPA, and meet the awards additional requirements (listed below) are guaranteed a Cal Grant to attend a four-year college.
  • To qualify, students also must have graduated from a California high school after June 30, 2000, have been a California resident at the time they graduated and be under the age of 28 as of December 31 of the year in which they first receive an award.
  • To qualify, students must also transfer and enroll at a California baccalaureate degree granting institution in the next academic year following their CCC enrollment
  • In addition, students cannot have received a Cal Grant within a year of graduating from high school.