Institutional Participation Agreement (Agreement)

The Cal Grant Institutional Participation Agreement (IPA) is the managing contract between the California Student Aid Commission (Commission) and Cal Grant participating institutions. Postsecondary education institutions that would like to disburse Cal Grant funds to eligible students on their campuses must have an IPA on file with the Commission.

Institutions use the IPA to apply for initial participation, renewal, change of ownership or structure, or to update a current approval. Updates include changes such as, but not limited to, name or address change, new location or program, or change of officials.

An institution that is interested in participating in Cal Grant Programs should first call our Institutional Support at 1-888-294-0153 for more information. There are some preliminary questions and qualifications prior to an application packet being submitted.

For a listing of documents required from an institution, click the IPA Required Documentation Checklist link.

Renewal 2016-17 IPA for Institutions Currently Participating in the Cal Grant Programs:

For New Institutions (Wanting to Participate in the Cal Grant Programs):